Indonesian Movie Screening: MERAH PUTIH

Indonesian Movie Screening: MERAH PUTIH

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Boston, 4/24/2016 - In partnership with Permias Massachusetts, Indonesian Community of New England, Inc. held its first Indonesian movie screening event at Northeastern University, Boston. MERAH PUTIH is a film with a historically authentic backdrop of Indonesia's struggle for independence in 1947 during the Van Mook offensive in the heart of republic territory in Central Java. Directed by Yadi Sugandi, Indonesia's most celebrated cinematographer, MERAH PUTIH tells the story of a fictional band of freedom fighters who bond together as cadets to survive a massacre, fighting on as guerilla soldiers to become true children of the nation, despite their sharp conflicts and deep differences in social class, ethnicity, geographic origin, religion and personality.   

Thank you to those who have come and enjoyed both the movie and delicious Indonesian foods with us. By participating, you have supported our fundraising efforts for the establishment of future Indonesian Community Center and the ongoing community empowerment programs in New England.

Bersama, kita bisa!


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