Bona Taon 2020 Celebration with the Bataknese community in New England

Celebrating Bona Taon 2020 with the Bataknese Community in New England


Kittery, Maine, 2/8/2020 - One of the major ethnic groups in Indonesia, the Bataknese, celebrated the new year in a mix of religious and cultural community festivity named Bona Taon 2020 on February 8, 2020, in Kittery, Maine. The Bataknese community from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, DC, and New York came together to be grateful of the year passed and to welcome the new year with positiveness and blessings from the Almighty.

Organized by Pbb Dos Ni Roha, an organization that focuses on keeping the cultural bond between the Bataknese community in the region, the event was also attended by the Consul General of Republic of Indonesia and wife, DR. Arifi Saiman and ibu Endang Arifi, as well as Consul Rizal Zaal from KJRI New York. ICONE's President Olla Chas and one of the Directors Anto Sianturi were also present to show support and appreciation towards the people and its culture as part of the overall Indonesian community in New England. The other ethnic-based organizations such as the Kawanua Maesa NH, the Maluku Association, and Kumpulan Tionghoa (KITA) were among the guests who came and danced the night away with the spirit of togetherness, peace, and love.

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