Assistance Efforts for Indonesian Students in MA Displaced by COVID-19’s Universities Closure

Boston / March 11, 2020 - We know so many of our community members are affected by the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Affected by this pandemic are also the Indonesian students who are forced to vacate their dormitories due to campus temporary closure to prevent the virus from fast-spreading. The closure is part of a follow-through action after the State of Emergency status was declared by the Governor of Massachusetts effective by March 10, 2020.

Many of these Indonesian students, due to financial and other limitations, find it difficult to return to Indonesia and may face a challenge in finding temporary accommodation during the closure period. Therefore, we are inviting members of our community to assist students in need with storage, temporary housing/room, mover, etc. List of assistance can be made at

Students requesting assistance will be able to view the responses at and will reach out directly to those who are offering assistance for further arrangement. 

For additional assistance, a hotline emergency number by the Indonesian Consulate General office in New York (KJRI-New York) is also available for all Indonesians in New England. You can call +1 (347) 806-9279 or email 

Please reach out to your friends, families, or us at or any of our team members if you are feeling frustrated or scared. Remember that we are all in this together and we will get through it together. In the meantime, be vigilant, social-distancing if you can, keep washing hands, and stay well. 

On behalf of the Indonesian community and students in New England, we thank you for your meaningful participation, assistance, and cooperation. Let’s keep looking out for each other.



Olla Chas

President & Co-Founder

Indonesian Community of New England, Inc. (ICONE Inc)


Please find the latest news and information, including FAQs, helpful CDC resources and more here.

Bona Taon 2020 Celebration with the Bataknese community in New England

Celebrating Bona Taon 2020 with the Bataknese Community in New England


Kittery, Maine, 2/8/2020 - One of the major ethnic groups in Indonesia, the Bataknese, celebrated the new year in a mix of religious and cultural community festivity named Bona Taon 2020 on February 8, 2020, in Kittery, Maine. The Bataknese community from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, DC, and New York came together to be grateful of the year passed and to welcome the new year with positiveness and blessings from the Almighty.

Organized by Pbb Dos Ni Roha, an organization that focuses on keeping the cultural bond between the Bataknese community in the region, the event was also attended by the Consul General of Republic of Indonesia and wife, DR. Arifi Saiman and ibu Endang Arifi, as well as Consul Rizal Zaal from KJRI New York. ICONE's President Olla Chas and one of the Directors Anto Sianturi were also present to show support and appreciation towards the people and its culture as part of the overall Indonesian community in New England. The other ethnic-based organizations such as the Kawanua Maesa NH, the Maluku Association, and Kumpulan Tionghoa (KITA) were among the guests who came and danced the night away with the spirit of togetherness, peace, and love.

Community Celebration at the Indonesian Bazaar in Cambridge, MA

Community Celebration at the Indonesian Bazaar in Cambridge, MA



Cambridge, 11/24/2019 - As the 2019 holiday season approaching fast, ICONE has concluded its last community program for the year, the indoor Indonesian Food Bazaar, at Cambridge Masonic Hall in Massachusetts on Saturday, November 23, 2019. The bazaar brought together people from different walks of life in the Greater Boston area to celebrate the Indonesian culture, the diversity of its people, and to enjoy the richness of its culinary.

Hundreds of people came together to savor in varieties of Indonesian delicacies made by the best local Indonesian food vendors in the region. Included in some of the most sought-after dishes were Rendang (one of the CNN's 2019 top 12 world best dishes), Martabak, Satay, Bakso, Soto Betawi, Siomay, to all kinds of traditional desserts and refreshing beverages.

Attendees were also entertained by the amazing performances of the local Indonesian talents in music and dance. Different music genres - from jazz, pop, and Indonesian's dangdut - were entertainingly showcased through songs and musical renditions. Traditional dances from Dayak, Kalimantan to hip-hop dance caught attendees' attention due to the dancers' enchanting, meaningful, and energetic movements. One of the event highlights was when the attendees were getting the hands-on group experience playing angklung, a traditional Indonesian music instrument made of bamboo tubes. The whole room was echoed with the beautiful and unique sound of angklung.

With the spirit of the season of giving, a Coat Drive was also carried out at the same time as the bazaar to help the less fortunate children and adults in our community here in New England to stay warm this winter. Thanks to the donors, dozens of winter coats were collected and are now ready to be delivered to a dedicated non-profit organization that will distribute the coats to those in need for free and without discrimination.

Embracing the very essence of the Indonesian culture, culinary, its people's diversity, as well as encouraging and facilitating simple acts of kindness to the people in the need at this bazaar are in line with what ICONE is all about. In her brief remark, Olla Chas, ICONE's President & Co-Founder highlighted that one of ICONE's missions is to empower, connect, and bring the best out of Indonesians in New England and the bazaar is one of the most effective ways to showcase and put these community strengths into actions.

Sincerest thank you to everyone who has helped in the making of this bazaar. ICONE's team members: Sophia Jamila, Elvina Setia, Rizki Setia, Dhini Purnamasari, Dhanni Setyaning, Watty Grant, and Tia Wulansari. The MCs: Grace Purba and Tisa Umar. The vendors: Yuandita Pransanti, Dian Febrinda, Novia Aldhila, Dewi Rosdiana, Lia Muse, Mici's Kitchen by Micita Mahoney, Kartika by Afrianti Anggoro and Theresia, Dapur The Tio's, Bakso SuperPhilly, Z's Kitchen, Pecel Ndeso, Taste of Surabaya by Fefe Ang, Sury's Kitchen, and Seulanga. All the performers and volunteers: Calvin Limuel, Aubrey Situmorang, Sharon Stephania, Kunto Nurcahyoko, Armaya Doremi, Tia Wulansari & Alia Koasanto, Christopher J. Lym, Junus Kbarek, Maria Yuanita, Boston Angklung Ensemble, Berklee Indonesian Community, Adrian Hasianda, Dimas Muhamad, and Jhendra Samodra. Bersama, kita bisa!

Happy Thanksgiving and we wish you all wonderful holiday seasons ahead.

Semi-Theatrical Musical Adventure to Indonesia’s Folklores Took Stage in Boston

Semi-Theatrical Musical Adventure to Indonesia’s Folklores Took Stage in Boston

Boston, 10/2/2019 - An outstanding semi-theatrical performance was showcased in a concert titled Indonesian Cultural Night: LEGENDA, produced and organized by the Berklee Indonesian Community last night. Around 800 people came and filled the Berklee Performance Center in Boston. Each of them was lit, swayed and wowed by the energy dan exciting tunes from the original compositions of 6 Indonesian musicians of the Berklee Indonesian Ensemble and the graceful dances by Nusantara Kreasindo and Boston Cendrawasih dancers. Indonesia's well-known folklores such as Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, Cendrawasih, Malin Kundang, Ramayana, Telaga Biru, and Telaga Tiga Warna came to life in such an interesting depiction through music, songs, and dances.

The LEGENDA concert was created to further introduce and raise public awareness on the richness and uniqueness of various Indonesian arts and culture in the United States, especially in Massachusetts and neighboring New England states. And for that, the Indonesian Community of New England, Inc. (ICONE Inc.) is proud to be part of this one-of-a-kind collaborative Indonesian cultural event in Boston. Thank you to all the event partners, dancers, supporters, and volunteers who have helped make this event a truly night to remember.


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Thousands of People Flocked the New England Indonesian Festival 2019 in Boston to Experience the Traditional Culture of Indonesia

Thousands of People Flocked the New England Indonesian Festival 2019 in Boston to Experience the Traditional Culture of Indonesia


Boston, 09/28/2019 - Thousands of people flocked the Copley Square in Boston to immerse themselves in what is known as the largest Indonesian festival on the east coast, the 2019 New England Indonesian Festival.

The New England Indonesian Festival (NEIF), organized by Permias MA (Indonesian student association in Massachusetts) in collaboration with the Indonesian Community of New England, Inc. (ICONE Inc.), is an annual celebration of Indonesian food, arts, and culture with over 10,000 people attending each year. The event featured live performances, food, folk-games, arts, and crafts showcased from 12 noon – 6 pm. It was a spectacular celebration of authentic Indonesian culture with the square filled with delicious smells, vibrant traditional performances and the sounds of excited visitors.

Dozens of Indonesian traditional food vendors, performers, and volunteers from across New England came together to take part in this annual event that has become the pride of Indonesians in Massachusetts and neighboring states.

NEIF 2019 showcased various traditional Indonesian arts and culture such as the dances from West Sumatera, Central Java, West Java, Bali, and South Sulawesi by the Indonesian dance groups Nusantara Kreasindo, Boston Cendrawasih, and Maengket Maleosan, as well as Angklung (a traditional bamboo music instrument from West Java) performance by the Boston Angklung Ensemble. Tons of Indonesian food, snacks, and drinks from all kinds of sate, rendang, bakso to batagor, martabak, lupis, cendol, and many more were sold out in a short time. Batik fashion show and live music by local singers and bands such as Berklee Indo, 24 Denby’s, Bernard Dinata, and Java Jukebox completed NEIF 2019 with a big bang and style.




Semarak New England Indonesian Festival 2019 Pukau Ribuan Pengunjung di Boston, Amerika Serikat

Boston, 29 September 2019 – Jantung kota Boston di Copley Square hari ini dipadati oleh ribuan pengunjung dari berbagai negara bagian di Amerika Serikat yang melebur dalam keriaan ala Indonesia sambil menikmati secara langsung beragam suguhan kuliner, tari, musik, dan budaya Indonesia di acara New England Indonesian Festival (NEIF) 2019.  Belasan vendor makanan dan minuman Indonesia dari negara bagian Massachusetts, Maryland, Philadelphia, dan New York, serta puluhan pekerja seni dan sukarelawan yang terdiri dari masyarakat dan mahasiswa Indonesia di Boston dan sekitarnya turut serta mensukseskan acara akbar ini.

NEIF merupakan ajang festival Indonesia tahunan dan terbesar yang diadakan di New England, kawasan pantai timur Amerika Serikat dengan cakupan 6 negara bagian yaitu Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, dan Vermont. Dalam sambutan via video, Duta Besar Indonesia untuk Amerika, Mahendra Siregar, menyatakan kebanggaannya atas nama pemerintah Republik Indonesia akan keberhasilan mahasiswa-mahasiswa dan komunitas Indonesia di Massachusetts dalam menghadirkan festival Indonesia sebesar ini.

Diselenggarakan rutin sejak tahun 2013 oleh Permias Massachusetts (organisasi Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Massachusetts) yang kemudian berkolaborasi dengan New England Indonesian Community Inc. (ICONE, Inc.), NEIF selalu mengangkat tema acara berbeda tiap tahunnya yang merujuk dari potensi budaya, alam, dan keunikan Indonesia. “Melalui konsep ‘Pasar Festival’ yang kami usung tahun ini, kami ingin menghadirkan suasana kemeriahan pasar tradisional Indonesia yang sangat khas dan dinamis di pusat kota Boston”, jelas Grace Purba, Presiden dari Permias Massachusetts. Adanya ajang festival ini tidak hanya dapat mengobati rasa rindu masyarakat Indonesia yang sedang berada disini akan Tanah Air, tapi juga dapat menambah ketertarikan dan pengetahuan masyarakat lokal akan keberagaman dan kekayaan seni, budaya, dan kuliner Indonesia. “NEIF merupakan bukti nyata bahwa kami sebagai mahasiswa Indonesia yang sedang menimba ilmu di Massachusetts dapat melakukan sesuatu yang berarti kepada Tanah Air dan komunitas kami di Amerika”, tambah Grace.

NEIF 2019 menampilkan beragam kesenian Indonesia seperti tarian dari daerah Sumatera Barat, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Barat, Bali, dan Sulawesi Utara yang dibawakan oleh sanggar tari Indonesia Nusantara Kreasindo, Boston Cendrawasih, dan Maengket Maleosan, serta pertunjukan angklung yang dibawakan oleh Boston Angklung Ensemble. Bermacam masakan dan hidangan penutup khas Indonesia, mulai dari sate, nasi padang, bakso, sampai dengan jajanan tradisional seperti batagor, martabak, lupis dan banyak lagi, habis terjual dalam waktu singkat. NEIF 2019 juga dimeriahkan oleh peragaan busana kebaya, permainan tradisional Indonesia, Batik workshop, serta suguhan live music dari beberapa penyanyi dan band lokal seperti Berklee Indo, 24 Denby’s, Bernard Dinata, dan Java Jukebox.

“NEIF 2019 adalah acara kebanggaan dari seluruh masyarakat Indonesia yang berada di New England dan merupakan buah karya bersama anak bangsa yang cinta akan negerinya”, ujar Olla Chas, Co-Founder & President dari ICONE, Inc, sebuah organisasi nirlaba berbasis sukarelawan yang menaungi beragam kegiatan kemasyarakatan Indonesia-Amerika dan promosi seni budaya Indonesia di New England, Amerika Serikat. “Kami berharap sinergi positif sesama diaspora Indonesia di sini serta antara warga Indonesia dan warga setempat dapat terus terbina dengan baik demi tercapainya komunitas Indonesia yang bersatu, produktif, dan kreatif”, tambah Olla.

NEIF 2019 didukung oleh Kementerian Perindustrian RI, Konsulat Jenderal RI New York, Atase Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Indonesia di Amerika, Indonesian Student Association of the East Coast (PERMIAS East Coast), Protelindo, Danar Hadi dan 20 sponsor lainnya, serta perwakilan mahasiswa Indonesia di beberapa universitas di Massachusetts seperti Harvard University, Babson College, Boston University, Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts Boston, Bentley University, dan Berklee School of Music.

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2019 Ramadan Berbagi / Ramadan to Share

2019 Ramadan Berbagi / Ramadan to Share

Samarinda, 6/12/2019 - With the support of our community here in New England, ICONE has concluded the annual Ramadan Berbagi / Ramadan to Share program for this year. This program is one of ICONE's charity programs to give back to Indonesia that focuses on supporting education among children and youth in need in Indonesia.

This year, expanding our charity outreach outside Java, the donations with the amount of IDR 8,600,000 went to Panti Asuhan Aisyiah Siti Khadijah, an orphanage center located in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Thanks to those who have contributed to the children of this orphanage center while also purchased the scrumptious selections of Indonesian cookies (kue kering) made by our favorite partner and friend "Z's Kitchen Indonesian Baked Goods". Special thank you as well to our local representative, Rahmida Fadhilah, who has delivered the donation to the orphanage despite the heavy flooding that has been paralyzing most parts of the city since last week.

About Panti Asuhan Aisyiah Siti Khadijah

Panti Asuhan Aisyiyah Siti Khadijah is an orphanage center under the management of the Aisyiyah Muhammadiyah charitable department and located at Jl. Merdeka No. 27, Samarinda, East of Kalimantan, Indonesia. For its operations, the orphanage relies on public donations or sadaqah (almsgiving). The orphanage is currently taking care of 30 children (age 1-10 years old) and 24 youths (age 11-17 years old). Various educational programs, as well as vocational activities, are given at this center to better prepare these children and youths to live productively and independently in their future.

About Ramadhan Berbagi / Ramadhan to Share program

This program, while serving its purpose in supporting and empowering our local talents in culinary, is also one of ICONE’s giving back programs to Indonesia, which focuses on providing educational support to children and youth in need. Started in 2016, every Ramadhan, 100% of donation from this program goes to different targeted community and welfare institutions that requires help in Indonesia. Bersama, kita bisa!

Elementary School Children in Stoughton, MA Learn About Komodo Through Book & Storytelling

Stoughton, 05/15/2019 – The Indonesian Community of New England, Inc. (ICONE) introduced Komodo dragon - the largest lizard in the world that only can be found in Komodo Island in Indonesia - to the elementary students in Massachusetts through book and storytelling. Supported by the Education and Cultural Attaché office at Embassy of Republic Indonesia in Washington D.C., this initiative is part of ICONE's Indonesian Storytelling Tour program that aims at introducing and promoting the richness of Indonesian values, culture, and biodiversity to children in New England through stories and children books at local schools and libraries.

Our volunteer, Poppy Mulligan, read aloud a playful book titled “Dear Komodo Dragon” written by Nancy Kelly Allen at the Richard L. Wilkins Elementary School in Stoughton, Massachusetts. The students attentively listened to the amusing story about a little girl named Leslie and her real-life Komodo dragon pen-pal Komo. As pen-pals, the two characters learned about the things they both liked and how different their lives were. Initially wanted to be a dragon hunter when she grew up, Leslie changed her mind after learning that Komodo dragons are endangered species and her pen pal Komo is one of the only few left in the world. In the end, Leslie promised to protect all Komodo dragons and spread the word that they should not be poached or hunted.

From the book, the students learned that Komodo dragons are indigenous to Indonesia and also learned about their life cycle, physical and behavioral traits. At the end of the read-aloud session, the students eagerly asked questions about Komodo dragons, including whether they like to eat or attack humans. For their further reading, two Indonesian storybooks were donated to the class library.

Our special thanks to the school principal, Dr. Lisa Wheelan, and the kindergarten homeroom teacher, Ms. Kelly Fahey, for their support in making this storytelling session happened.

While we are working on the next storytelling events, please check out the following books from your local library and let your friends and families know about them.

    • Dear Komodo Dragon” by Nancy Kelly Allen.
    • Indonesian Children's Favorite Stories” by Joan Suyenaga.
    • Balinese Children's Favorite Stories” by Victor Mason.
    • I is for Indonesia” by Elizabeth Rush.
    • Tari: The Little Balinese Dancer” by Pamela Noensie and Garretta Lamore.
    • Go to Sleep, Gecko!” by Margaret Read MacDonald.

If you'd like to participate or volunteer in our future storytelling events, please email us at or  Thank you.


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Indonesian Food Bazaar 2019: Connecting People Through Culinary, Culture, and Music

Indonesian Food Bazaar 2019: Connecting People through Culinary, Culture, and Music


Cambridge, 4/27/2019 - The Indonesian community in New England celebrated the richness of its culture and the diversity of its people through culinary and music yesterday in Cambridge, MA. Not only attended by fellow Indonesians in the New England area, hundreds of people from different nationalities and backgrounds also flocked the Cambridge Masonic Hall to enjoy the varieties of delicacies from some of the best Indonesian food vendors in the region and amazing performances by the local Indonesian musicians, dancers, and poet.

As expressed by Olla Chas, ICONE's Co-Founder and President in her remark, one of ICONE's missions is to empower and bring the best out of Indonesians in New England and the bazaar is one of the most effective ways to showcase these strengths.

Several talented Indonesian musicians and singers, including four from Berkeley College of Music, who are now professional musicians based in Boston, one former Top 25 singers in the 2010 Indonesian Idol who's currently studying at Northeastern University, and three student musicians under Permias MA impressed the audience by their mix of musicality specialties - from jazz, pop, to dangdut renditions. A group of dancers from Boston Cendrawasih, an Indonesian traditional dance club based in Cambridge performed the delicate beauty of traditional dances from Aceh, West Sumatera, and Central Java. An enchanting Balinese dance was also presented by a native Balinese who's also a medical student at Harvard University. To add to the diversity of the performances, a jazz funk dance by an Indonesian professional dancer and a poetry reading were also showcased. The bazaar was also highlighted by a performance debut of an Indonesian student from Papua singing 'Aku Papua' that brought everybody to sing along with him proudly.

Each of the 12 food vendors participated were those who are specialized in different types of delicious Indonesian delicacies from various provinces in Indonesia. From West Sumatera's and North Sulawesi's spicy food like Rendang, Lontong Padang (rice cakes with veggies and egg in spicy coconut milk), Cumi Woku (Manadonese spicy braised squid), and so many varieties of food mixed in chili sauce; Javanese mild sweet food such as the Nasi Uduk Empal, Ayam Kalasan, Krecek (cattle skin stew), Gudeg (green jack fruit sweet stew), Chicken Satay, and many more; to all kinds of traditional desserts and refreshing beverages.

The bazaar was truly a testament of how the Indonesian community in New England, despite its diversity, can come together in harmony to share community strengths and culture through culinary and music.

Sincerest thank you to everyone who has helped in the making of this bazaar. ICONE's team members: Elvina Setia, Sophia Jamila, Rizki Setia, Amanda Madjid, Lina Pitono, Dhini Purnamasari, Dhanni Setyaning, Watty Grant, Tia Wulansari, and Ricky Djoko Basoeki. The MCs: Grace Purba and Kezia Erica. The vendors: Riri Dewi, Dita, Jeanne, Lia Muse, Martina, Mici's Kitchen by Micita Mahoney, Kartika by Afrianti Anggoro and Vera Lumowa, Dapur The Tio's, Bakso SuperPhilly, Z's Kitchen, Pecel Ndeso, Permias MA, Taste of Surabaya by Fefe Ang, Sury's Kitchen, and Dapurku by Susi Sihombing. All the performers and volunteers: Calvin Limuel, Kelvin Andreas, John Koh, Boston Cendrawasih, Arta Subagiarta, Felita Kezia, Marry Jane, Nelson, Pernus Tarasen, Maria Yuanita, Armaya Doremi, Sofia Widya Kezia, Ally Ang, Syarif, Jhendra Samodra, and friends from CCI program.

Together, we can. Bersama, kita bisa!




It’s A Wrap: Congrats to ICONE’s Spring 2019 Bahasa Indonesia Course Graduates!

Cambridge 04/20/2019 – Once again ICONE has successfully conducted its Bahasa Indonesia course this spring with beginner and intermediate graduates.  This seven-week program is part of ICONE's ongoing efforts in promoting Indonesian culture in New England through language and has been one of the most sought-after education initiatives that we have.

With the support of our experienced language instructor, Satyawidya Wulansari, students learned and practiced Bahasa in well-structured yet fun meetings. The students practiced their speaking, reading and writing skills through interactive exercises, games, and teamwork designed not only to help them become a better Bahasa Indonesia speaker but also to familiarize them with Indonesian culture and geography.

One of the activities that the students enjoyed the most was the "Monster Kamu Yang Mana" activity where they had to draw a funny-looking monster and described it to others for them to guess. They also enjoyed conversing with their peers as they not only got the chance to practice their vocabulary and grammar but also to hear their classmates speak Bahasa Indonesia.

By the end of the term, the Beginner class students were able to do the simple introduction, describe themselves to others, and ask and answer basic questions using simple sentences. The Intermediate class students were able to expand their skills from previous Beginner class and modify sentences using active transition verbs me-, passive transition verbs di-, and form nouns using -an.

Our sincere gratitude to Prof. Popy Rufaidah, the Education and Cultural Attache, and her team at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington DC for supporting ICONE in carrying out this program. Thank you as well to the President of Indonesian Students Association at MIT, Noortitan Hartono, for lending the classroom for the Bahasa Indonesia program, ICONE's President Olla Chas for leading, and ICONE's Director of Education, Arts, and Culture Dhini Purnamasari for her assistance in managing the program.

Indonesian Storytelling Tour Goes to New Hampshire

 Indonesian Children Storytelling Tour Goes to New Hampshire

Madbury, 03/31/2019 – ICONE brings Indonesian children stories about Indonesian values of respect and caring to one of the Sunday schools in New Hampshire today. Supported by the Education and Cultural Attaché office at Embassy of Republic Indonesia in Washington D.C., this initiative is part of ICONE's Indonesian Storytelling Tour program that aims at introducing and promoting Indonesian values and culture to children in New England through stories and children books at local schools and libraries.

ICONE's volunteers, Belinda Dinsmore and Juliana Houseman,  read aloud the Indonesian folktale "Kancil Steals Cucumber" from the book "Indonesian Children's Favorite Stories" by Joan Suyenaga, in their Sunday school at the Maranatha Indonesia United Church of Christ, Madbury, New Hampshire. The students were amused by Kancil, a mischievous mouse-deer character from the book who steals cucumbers from a farmer regularly. Annoyed when seeing most of his cucumbers gone in the morning, the farmer built himself a scarecrow to scare away the thief. He also applied very sticky jackfruit sap on the scarecrow. Being arrogant, Kancil kicked the scarecrow, got stuck, and was consequently captured. Put in a cage in the farmer's house and was about to get slaughtered, Kancil tricked the farmer's pet, a dog, into taking his place. The folktale ends when the dog was left in the cage thinking of his stupidity. Through this folktale, the students learned about the importance of not being arrogant and not underestimating one's intelligence.

Besides listening to the story, the students also learned about the old way of livings and the different Indonesian traditional clothes from looking at the different illustrations in the book. Our volunteers also shared some general information about Indonesia to the students and their parents, such as how diverse Indonesia is in terms of its people and culture, as well as about its 34 provinces. At the end of the storytelling session, two books were donated by ICONE's representative in New Hampshire Lina Pitono to the Sunday school for further reading and sharing.

While we're working on the next storytelling sessions, please check out the following books from your local library and let your friends and families know about them.

    • "Indonesian Children's Favorite Stories" by Joan Suyenaga.
    • "Balinese Children's Favorite Stories" by Victor Mason.
    • "Dear Komodo Dragon" by Nancy Kelly Allen.
    • "I is for Indonesia" by Elizabeth Rush.
    • "Tari: The Little Balinese Dancer" by Pamela Noensie and Garretta Lamore.
    • "Go to Sleep, Gecko!" by Margaret Read MacDonald.

If you would like to know more about our storytelling program, would like to have the Indonesian storytelling brought to your children’s school or close-by library(s), or would like to volunteer, please email us at or  Thank you.


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