The Team

The Team

We can not deliver what we are aiming to do without the involvement and hard work of many people, volunteers, organizations/businesses, and government institutions that are in our network. Each plays a unique role, but together we all work towards our common goals.

For its day-to-day operation and strategic management, Indonesian Community of New England, Inc. (ICONE) is supported by a group of people named below:

President: Olla Chas

Treasurer: Trisia Bantacut

Educational & Cultural Programs Director: Dhanni Setyaning

Operational & Logistic Director: Anto Sianturi

Music & Talents Director: Calvin Limuel

Social Media Marketing: Armaya Doremi

Officers: Lina Pitono, Amanda Madjid, Watty Grant

Language Instructor & NE Living Contributor: Tia Wulansari

Events Photographer: Adrian Hasdianda




Volunteering Opportunities

We need you and several other energetic, open-minded, team player, and community-loving volunteers to join us in making our (and your) mission and visions into reality.

Be part of the movement for the better and more interconnected Indonesian community in New England. A positive and supportive community that you want to see your self, your family, and your kids to be surrounded with.

We are currently looking for a Community Outreach Programs Director and more Officers.

Should you be interested to learn more about becoming part of our team, please email us at 

Thank you.