ICONE Launch Indonesian Storytelling Tour Program in New England

ICONE Launch Indonesian Children Storytelling Tour in New England

Teaching Young Readers The Indonesian Values of Respect, Sharing, Disciplines, Hardwork and Caring to the Environment & Community

Cambridge, 01/28/2019 – As part of our education programs, ICONE – supported by the Education and Cultural Attaché office at Embassy of Republic Indonesia in Washington D.C. – is initiating an Indonesian Storytelling Tour program in the New England region. The Indonesian Storytelling Tour program aims at introducing and promoting Indonesian values and culture to children in New England through Indonesian stories and children books at local schools and libraries.

The storytelling at the Al-Bustan Preschool in Cambridge, today, marks the first ICONE’s Indonesian Storytelling Tour program. ICONE’s volunteer, Dhini Purnamasari, read a Balinese folklore book titled “Go to Sleep Gecko!” to the preschoolers. In that read-aloud session, the children learned a glimpse of Indonesian culture from an enjoyable story of a Gecko that used to not be able to sleep because of the fireflies around him, but then learned that he just needed to put up with some things in life. His request that the fireflies stop working at night sets off a comical chain of problems for everyone in his village and complicates everyone's life. In the end, Gecko’s friend the Elephant teaches Gecko that everyone has a purpose in the village: the fireflies provide light, the buffalo safety, and the rain provides nourishment. Everything is connected. Through this cumulative tale from the Balinese tradition, Gecko learns that his well-being depends on that of the entire village and he finally goes to sleep, a little wiser. This Balinese folktale will teach readers the importance of respect, sharingStorytellingand citizenship.

For further reading about Indonesian culture and nature, three children books were donated for the school's library.

ICONE is currently working on the next storytelling events to reach a broader audience in the New England area. Meanwhile, check out the following children's books in your local libraries and help us spread the words:

    • Go to Sleep, Gecko!” by Margaret Read MacDonald.
    • Indonesian Children's Favorite Stories” by Joan Suyenaga.
    • Balinese Children's Favorite Stories” by Victor Mason.
    • Dear Komodo Dragon” by Nancy Kelly Allen.
    • I is for Indonesia” by Elizabeth Rush.
    • Tari: The Little Balinese Dancer” by Pamela Noensie and Garretta Lamore.

If you'd like to know more about our storytelling program, would like to have the Indonesian storytelling brought to your children’s school or close-by library(s), or would like to volunteer, please email us at contact@icone-inc.org or dhanni.setyaning@icone-inc.org. Thank you.


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