ICONE Celebrates Its First Indonesian Course Graduates

ICONE Celebrates Its First Indonesian Course Graduates

Boston, 5/8/2016 - The six-week program of ICONE’s Bahasa Indonesia beginners course, the first community-based Indonesian course ever held in Boston, has concluded and proudly brought forward its first ever graduates. Both the children and adult graduates are ready to use their new language skills to better communicate with their immediate Indonesian families and friends, confidently travel to Indonesia and conduct simple conversation with Indonesians in various daily situations.

Led by the experienced Indonesian-native instructors, students practiced basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to help them develop clarity and confidence when using Bahasa Indonesia. Storytelling, interactive exercises and understanding news and songs in Bahasa Indonesia were the most favorite sessions among the students.

Thanks to the outstanding instructors and the Indonesian Educational and Cultural Attaché office in Washington DC who have supported this language program all the way through.

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