Indonesian Food Bazaar 2019: Connecting People Through Culinary, Culture, and Music

Indonesian Food Bazaar 2019: Connecting People through Culinary, Culture, and Music


Cambridge, 4/27/2019 - The Indonesian community in New England celebrated the richness of its culture and the diversity of its people through culinary and music yesterday in Cambridge, MA. Not only attended by fellow Indonesians in the New England area, hundreds of people from different nationalities and backgrounds also flocked the Cambridge Masonic Hall to enjoy the varieties of delicacies from some of the best Indonesian food vendors in the region and amazing performances by the local Indonesian musicians, dancers, and poet.

As expressed by Olla Chas, ICONE's Co-Founder and President in her remark, one of ICONE's missions is to empower and bring the best out of Indonesians in New England and the bazaar is one of the most effective ways to showcase these strengths.

Several talented Indonesian musicians and singers, including four from Berkeley College of Music, who are now professional musicians based in Boston, one former Top 25 singers in the 2010 Indonesian Idol who's currently studying at Northeastern University, and three student musicians under Permias MA impressed the audience by their mix of musicality specialties - from jazz, pop, to dangdut renditions. A group of dancers from Boston Cendrawasih, an Indonesian traditional dance club based in Cambridge performed the delicate beauty of traditional dances from Aceh, West Sumatera, and Central Java. An enchanting Balinese dance was also presented by a native Balinese who's also a medical student at Harvard University. To add to the diversity of the performances, a jazz funk dance by an Indonesian professional dancer and a poetry reading were also showcased. The bazaar was also highlighted by a performance debut of an Indonesian student from Papua singing 'Aku Papua' that brought everybody to sing along with him proudly.

Each of the 12 food vendors participated were those who are specialized in different types of delicious Indonesian delicacies from various provinces in Indonesia. From West Sumatera's and North Sulawesi's spicy food like Rendang, Lontong Padang (rice cakes with veggies and egg in spicy coconut milk), Cumi Woku (Manadonese spicy braised squid), and so many varieties of food mixed in chili sauce; Javanese mild sweet food such as the Nasi Uduk Empal, Ayam Kalasan, Krecek (cattle skin stew), Gudeg (green jack fruit sweet stew), Chicken Satay, and many more; to all kinds of traditional desserts and refreshing beverages.

The bazaar was truly a testament of how the Indonesian community in New England, despite its diversity, can come together in harmony to share community strengths and culture through culinary and music.

Sincerest thank you to everyone who has helped in the making of this bazaar. ICONE's team members: Elvina Setia, Sophia Jamila, Rizki Setia, Amanda Madjid, Lina Pitono, Dhini Purnamasari, Dhanni Setyaning, Watty Grant, Tia Wulansari, and Ricky Djoko Basoeki. The MCs: Grace Purba and Kezia Erica. The vendors: Riri Dewi, Dita, Jeanne, Lia Muse, Martina, Mici's Kitchen by Micita Mahoney, Kartika by Afrianti Anggoro and Vera Lumowa, Dapur The Tio's, Bakso SuperPhilly, Z's Kitchen, Pecel Ndeso, Permias MA, Taste of Surabaya by Fefe Ang, Sury's Kitchen, and Dapurku by Susi Sihombing. All the performers and volunteers: Calvin Limuel, Kelvin Andreas, John Koh, Boston Cendrawasih, Arta Subagiarta, Felita Kezia, Marry Jane, Nelson, Pernus Tarasen, Maria Yuanita, Armaya Doremi, Sofia Widya Kezia, Ally Ang, Syarif, Jhendra Samodra, and friends from CCI program.

Together, we can. Bersama, kita bisa!




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