It’s A Wrap: Congrats to ICONE’s Spring 2019 Bahasa Indonesia Course Graduates!

Cambridge 04/20/2019 – Once again ICONE has successfully conducted its Bahasa Indonesia course this spring with beginner and intermediate graduates.  This seven-week program is part of ICONE's ongoing efforts in promoting Indonesian culture in New England through language and has been one of the most sought-after education initiatives that we have.

With the support of our experienced language instructor, Satyawidya Wulansari, students learned and practiced Bahasa in well-structured yet fun meetings. The students practiced their speaking, reading and writing skills through interactive exercises, games, and teamwork designed not only to help them become a better Bahasa Indonesia speaker but also to familiarize them with Indonesian culture and geography.

One of the activities that the students enjoyed the most was the "Monster Kamu Yang Mana" activity where they had to draw a funny-looking monster and described it to others for them to guess. They also enjoyed conversing with their peers as they not only got the chance to practice their vocabulary and grammar but also to hear their classmates speak Bahasa Indonesia.

By the end of the term, the Beginner class students were able to do the simple introduction, describe themselves to others, and ask and answer basic questions using simple sentences. The Intermediate class students were able to expand their skills from previous Beginner class and modify sentences using active transition verbs me-, passive transition verbs di-, and form nouns using -an.

Our sincere gratitude to Prof. Popy Rufaidah, the Education and Cultural Attache, and her team at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington DC for supporting ICONE in carrying out this program. Thank you as well to the President of Indonesian Students Association at MIT, Noortitan Hartono, for lending the classroom for the Bahasa Indonesia program, ICONE's President Olla Chas for leading, and ICONE's Director of Education, Arts, and Culture Dhini Purnamasari for her assistance in managing the program.

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