Five Firestars for ICONE’s First Indonesian Cooking Class

Five Firestars Rating for ICONE's First Indonesian Cooking Class


Braintree, 02/06/2016 - Gorgeous day after the winter storm Lexi marked the first Indonesian cooking class held by ICONE at Eda's Café in Braintree on February 6, 2016. As part of ICONE's efforts to further promote Indonesian culture to New England's community, ICONE provided a glimpse of Indonesian culture through its culinary by holding a cooking class. 

Rizki Setia, ICONE's very own chef instructor, together with the class participants cooked up two of the most famous Indonesian meals, Ayam Woku and Siomay. A couple of faculty members and several students from Bunker Hill Community College's culinary arts program were amongst the class participants. Together they learned about variety of must-have spices in Indonesian cooking and how to best use them. Siomay making was a blast when participants, who have never tasted or made one, tried their best to make their Siomay dough proportionally put and nicely wrapped in the wonton wraps and tofu used.

Despite the many things that ICONE needs to learn from its first attempt of hosting a cooking program for future events, the class was definitely a hit among the participants. One participant even gave ICONE and team five fire stars in her review. Thank you all for giving ICONE a chance to promote Indonesian culinary. Hopefully, ICONE can do this again in the near future with a more delicious Indonesian menu to learn.

Terima kasih dan sampai jumpa lagi! 

[For Ayam Woku and Siomay recipes, please click here]

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