Balinese Dance Workshop – Bringing One of the World Cultural Heritage From Indonesia to New England

Cambridge, MA, 3/24/2019 - As one of our missions to promote Indonesian arts and culture to the New England community, ICONE has concluded its first Balinese dance workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts today. In this 3-week workshop, beginner level participants learned the basic movements of Puspa Wresti dance, a popular traditional Balinese dance inspired by the celebration of the Gods' descent to earth.

Dressed in Balinese songket sarongs while enjoying each other's companionship throughout the workshop, the participants immersed in the delicate yet striking individual postures and gestures that form the basics of Balinese dance, one of UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage. They learned how to dance with various components of a Balinese dance including different "agem" (fundamental postures), "tandang" (transitional movements), and "tangkep" (facial expressions). They were also able to integrate all these with the sound beats of enchanting Balinese gamelan.

Special thank you to our native and experienced dance instructor, I Made Subagiarta, for passionately and skillfully trained our participants with their first Balinese dance steps. We'd also like to express our gratitude to the Indonesian Education and Cultural Attache, Prof. Popy Rufaidah and her team at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Washington DC for supporting ICONE in organizing this program. Thank you as well to our volunteers, Dimas Muhamad and Hafiz Al Asad, for bringing the Balinese clothing ensembles all the way from Indonesia. Last but not the least, thank you to ICONE's President, Olla Chas, for spearheading this program, as well as ICONE's Director of Education, Art, and Culture, Dhini Purnamasari, for arranging and managing the workshop to a success.


Balinese Dance Workshop

Balinese Dance Workshop

Whether you have been to Bali or not, you will be mesmerized by the Balinese dance – a very primordial dance tradition that is a part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese people. Come and join us at our 3-week sessions of Balinese Dance Workshop this spring to learn the dance basics with our skilled instructor and take pride in your first Balinese dance steps. In this workshop, you will learn one of the most famous Balinese dances called the Puspa Wresti Dance.

Designed for beginners, age 15 and older, our instructor will explain the meaning(s) behind the delicate yet striking individual postures and gestures that forms the basics of Balinese dance. You will learn how to dance with the integrated body movements, using your fingers, hands, head, eyes and facial gestures, that make the Balinese dance so unique and beautiful. Such a wonderful way to learn about the richness of Bali-Hindu and Indonesian cultures while enjoying a bit of exercise.

We will provide the sash and the sarong for you. So let’s have fun dancing with us in the 1 ½ hour workshop, every Saturday at 1pm - 2.30pm on March 9-23, 2019!



About the Puspa Wresti Dance

Puspa (flower) Wresti (rain) dance is inspired by the celebration of the Gods' descent to earth. It is traditionally danced by men and women to welcome and show respect to the visitors coming to their village.


About the Instructor

As a Goodwill Ambassador of Republic of Indonesia and a native Balinese, I Made Subagiarta (Arta) is passionate in sharing Indonesian culture with the world through traditional Balinese dances. He recently performed Baris Dance at the 2018 New England Indonesian Festival in Copley Square, Boston where thousands of visitors attended the event. Other than studying full time as a graduate student at Harvard Medical School, Arta enjoys dreaming up new stories in his spare time.

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