Enrollment for Fall 2017 Term Will Open in July 2017

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Congratulations to the newest graduates of ICONE's Bahasa Indonesia course, spring 2017 term! Semoga kemampuan berbahasa dan pengetahuan tentang budaya Indonesia yang telah didapat bisa semakin meningkatkan kualitas dan jangkauan komunikasi dengan keluarga, teman2 dan kolega Indonesia Anda.


ICONE's 2nd Bahasa Indonesia Course Ended Strong and Promising

Boston, 11/12/2016 – The fall term of ICONE's Bahasa Indonesia course ended on Saturday afternoon with well-practiced and Bahasa Indonesia-speaking ready students. With the support of our amazing Indonesian-native instructors, we applaud our students for their hard work and commitment to fully participate in this six-week course program.

The students practiced basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to help them develop clarity and confidence when using Indonesian. Interactive exercises, role playing, and understanding of Indonesian arts and culture through the use of videos and photographs were the highlights of the course. At the end of the term, each one of these students have increased their skills tremendously so that they can confidently use Bahasa Indonesia with their family and friends, and have a better understanding of Indonesia's culture and daily customs in order to help them in any future travel plans to Indonesia, as well as in social interactions with their fellow Indonesians.

A big thank you to our instructor, Tia Wulansari, for a well-structured, interactive and fun class along with the support of teaching assistant, Aria Citra. Our sincere gratitudes to Bapak Ismunandar (Education and Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of Indonesia in DC) and Ibu Emi Emilia (Head of Language and Research Center of Indonesian Education Ministry) for their supports and teaching contents, as well as to Stephanie Geerald and Novalia Pishesha for assisting in classroom placement, and Yana Regan for financial matters. Special thank you to Olla Chas for spearheading and organizing this program, turning it from only a mere idea and big dream to now be the first community-based Indonesian course ever held in Boston. 


ICONE Celebrates Its First Indonesian Language Course Graduates

Boston, 5/8/2016 – The six-week program of ICONE’s Indonesian language course, the first community-based Indonesian course ever held in Boston, has concluded and proudly brought forward its first graduates. Both the children and adult graduates are ready to use their new language skills to better communicate with their immediate Indonesian families and friends, confidently travel to Indonesia and conduct simple conversation with Indonesians in various daily situations.

The classes aimed at strengthening the existence and continuation of Indonesian language (or Bahasa Indonesia) in bilingual families with Indonesian background. They also aimed at introducing/familiarizing Indonesian culture and its common social customs through language to the interested non-Indonesian speaking general public. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with more than +300 million people. Learning Indonesian can therefore provide students with the ability to speak one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

Led by the experienced Indonesian-native instructors, students practiced basic speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to help them develop clarity and confidence when using Indonesian. Storytelling, interactive exercises and understanding news and songs in Indonesian were the most favorite sessions among the students.

Thanks to the outstanding instructors and the Indonesian Educational and Cultural Attaché office in Washington DC who have supported this language program all the way through.

The graduates and the instructor, Raude Raychel with the Co-Founder & President of ICONE, Inc., Olla Chas.

The graduates and the instructors, Reza Idria & Sri Rejeki with the Co-Founder & President of ICONE, Inc., Olla Chas.

Congratulations message to the graduates from Bapak Ismunandar Ismu, the Education and Cultural Attache from Washington DC. Thank you for all the support pak.

Thank you Reza Idria for being a superb Bahasa Indonesia instructor.

Thank you Sri Rejeki & Reza Idria!

Thank you Raude Raychel!