What’s the most difficult part about learning Indonesian? Rolling my R’s! 🙂

My dad is from Indonesia and I want to be able to communicate with my relatives. I like all the speaking and listening practices offered in this course.

I enjoyed the course, but more speaking activities would be great!

I want to learn Bahasa Indonesia because I tend to forget without continuous practice. I enjoyed the teaching methods of Guru Tia. She employed a variety of tools to make learning interesting and fun.

I wouldn’t mind having more sessions or arranging so that we can continue from the beginner class directly to the advanced class. I really like this course!

My husband is working in Jakarta and I will be going back and forth. I want to be able to communicate! I really like this course because I love Tia’s instruction, learning new vocabulary, and trying to speak.

I learned the language so that I can speak with my Indonesian wife and with the people when I travel to Indonesia. What I like the most about the course is that the instructor is very knowledgeable and helpful.

We did a lot of creative games and activities throughout the course. Everyone was very participatory. I also like that the instructor thought us in spoken Indonesian from the very first day.

Indonesian Community of New England, Inc.