I didn’t expect that pronunciation would be so difficult. I need to hear more about how native speakers read and pronounce.

I would like to have opportunities to practice more using the material that has been covered. Maybe a study group. Repeating after the teacher in order to improve pronunciation.

I’ve been trying to learn Indonesian on my own, but have had very limited success. Finding this course was very fortunate since there are very few other learning opportunities for Indonesian in the Boston area.

The instructor was organized with well-prepared lessons and a willingness to help out inside and outside of class.

I really liked the discipline of being in a course that meets weekly with material to study by the week and how the weekly material was reinforced each Saturday during the class. I also liked the way the instructor wove in the cultural aspects of Indonesia into the lessons.

The easiest is probably listening, but the hardest is writing formally.

Bu Guru Tia is one of the best language teachers I’ve had. She was great on Zoom and I was really impressed by the activities we did with Kahoot/ Jeopardy etc. My biggest concern was having someone who is effective at virtual communication but Tia was great. Also thought she was really good at asking us what we wanted to learn and was enthusiastic about the language.

Zoom was great and I was really impressed with the exercises. I kind of miss the fun cultural activities that happen in in-person courses. Maybe in the future having the option of everyone ordering the same ICONE’s takeout delivery meal and discussing or having an optional zoom screening of Impetigore at Halloween or something could be fun (students could organize this too I suppose. I wanted to but got so overwhelmed with work).

I took the course to begin to learn Bahasa Indonesia because of my community connections and mission in Indonesia, currently in Bandung.

What are the strengths of the instructor? It’s Ibu Guru’s knowledge, her enthusiasm, and careful explanations. The course was extremely well organized.

Indonesian Community of New England, Inc.