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References on Bilinguals & Indonesian Language

Raising Bilingual Children

Why want bilingual children; will it confuse children if there are two languages spoken around them; will they mix their languages; how to start teaching children two languages.

Speaking in Tongues: the Many Benefits of Bilingualism

Access to different cultures; have a raised awareness for how language “works”; very good at taking different perspectives, dealing with conflicting cues and ignoring irrelevant information; common concerns trying to speak two (or more) languages.

Bilingual Families

What bilingual means; advantages of being bilingual; helping kids be bilingual; question on a culture loss; question on a delay in speech development; challenges; raising bilingual kids.

Why Bilinguals Are Smarter?

Profound effect on brain, improving cognitive skills not related to language, shielding against dementia in old age and heightened ability to monitor environment.

The Advantages of Being Bilingual

Able to learn new words easily, able to use information in new ways, able to put words into categories, able to come up with solutions to problems, good listening skills and connecting with others.

Ranked: The 100 Most Spoken Languages Worldwide

With the total speakers of 199 million and native speakers of 49 million, Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) has been ranked #10 in the 100 Most Spoken Languages Worldwide.

Is Bilingualism Really An Advantage?

Theory of the bilingual advantages; link between bilingualism and cognition; general benefit to help the aging brain/protective effect on cognitive decline. 

The Indonesian Language

What is Indonesian; the history of Indonesian; the functions of Indonesian today; the standard language and variations; writing and spelling Indonesians.

Life with Two Languages: An Introduction to Bilingualism

Bilingualism in the world; bilingualism in the United States; bilingualism in society; the bilingual child; the bilingual person; bilingual speech and language.

Learning Bahasa Indonesia
the National Language

Indonesian language background; tips and tricks for expats living in Indonesia.

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