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Gate opens at 5pm. There will be food & beverages to purchase on-site.

Event starts at 6pm.

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Join Pandji Pragiwaksono and enjoy a humorous night as part of the biggest tour in the history of Indonesia, JURU BICARA WORLD TOUR, coming to Boston on September 18, 2016.

JURU BICARA is Pandji Pragiwaksono’s fourth stand-up comedy special in six years, within which he positions himself as the spokesperson for Indonesian people who feel they are too weak to fight for themselves and too insignificant to be heard. Pandji will talk about important issues in Indonesia, including the television industry, censorship, entrepreneurship, education, environment, history, and many more.

Hailed by past audiences as “the best stand up comedy special” and “one of the most valuable show(s)” JURU BICARA has proven to be an inspiring comedy special that manages to be hilarious while also maintaining the serious nature of its topics.

Ticket: $15/person. Please show the email confirmation of your ticket payment at the gate.

More on Pandji:

Pandji Pragiwaksono is an Indonesian stand-up comedian who has completed two national tours and one world tour. In Indonesia, Pandji is the first person to do a world tour to four different continents. His previous works include the stand-up comedy special Mesakke Bangsaku. He has also acted in the 2016 film Rudy Habibie.


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