Nasi Rendang Sambal Ijo


Nasi, rendang sapi, sambal ijo, gulai kol buncis.


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Cook freshly & tastefully upon order by: Uum Humaerah.

Nasi, rendang sapi, sambal ijo, gulai kol buncis.

Order taking / meal purchase period: November 16-19, 2016.

Pick-up day, place & time:
Sunday / November 20, 2016 at 1009 Beacon St. Brookline, MA (in front of Tatte Bakery & Cafe), 1pm-2pm.

Contact number: (617) 620-3930.

“Indonesian Home Cooked Meals to Order” program aims at bringing home cooked meals away from home to the Indonesian community, introducing & familiarizing Indonesian food to the general public, as well as empowering & promoting talented Indonesian cooks in New England.

This program is also part of ICONE’s fundraising initiatives to establish New England’s Indonesian Community Center and to conduct ongoing Indonesian community & cultural programs across New England.


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