Volunteer opportunity: Director of Funding Outreach

Indonesian Community of New England, Inc.


Role and Responsibilities

The Director of Funding Outreach will lead team of Program Officers in spearheading fundraising efforts for Indonesian Community of New England, Inc.  (ICONE, Inc.). The Director will report to the President and Treasurer on fundraising progress, leads and results. 

  • Develop, oversee, and execute ICONE, Inc.’s fundraising activities/events such as charity events, charity sales, crowdfunding, auctions, etc.

  • Direct efforts to secure grants, financial and/or logistical supports from individuals, corporations or government.

  • Manage the volunteering functions of fundraising activities/events.

  • Prepare cost-effective budgets for each event.

  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with major donors.

  • Develop reports for all fundraising activities and keep track of incoming and outgoing funds.

  • Prepare/oversee post-event acknowledgments and debriefs toward improving efficiencies and increasing funds raised.

Qualifications Requirements

  • Experienced in fundraising activities.

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent is required.

  • Has strong organizational, time management, and communication skills.

  • Speaks and writes fluent English and Indonesian.

  • Confident and outgoing team player with positive can-do attitude.

  • Attendance at team meetings is required.

  • Resides in Massachusetts.

Important Notes

This position is a volunteered based and non-salaried. The Director and other team members are working based on the spirit of volunteerism and collective passion to make organization’s mission and visions come into realization for the greater good of Indonesian community in New England. Operational expenses may be disbursed based on need and prioritization.

Interested to volunteer? Email us at contact@icone-inc.org


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