What I liked the most about the course includes the small class size, the teacher spoke slowly so it was easier to understand, and the various group activities.

I loved how MUCH I learned! The increase in my understanding of the grammar and vocabulary was exponential. I was amazed by how much I can now write, speak, and understand! It was a comfortable environment that encouraged learning.

A longer course, please! And maybe a little more coverage of Indonesian culture.

My only feedback for the class would be to upload the lessons into one Google folder or one singular location. The lessons were sent in individual emails and it sometimes got confusing to search back for previous lessons. Otherwise, I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say!

I loved practicing speaking and conversing with the other students. I loved the Kaput game exercises. The structure of the course was perfect.  I wish the course were longer! I want to keep learning!

I’d love to someday visit Indonesia. My partner used to live in Jakarta and first inspired me to want to learn about Indonesian language. I love Indonesian vegetarian food and learning about the culture. I also have been wanting to learn a language other than English and this was an incredible opportunity for me to learn while supporting the Indonesian community in New England.

Tia explains everything very clearly and the online content each week was fresh, practical, and thoughtfully put together. I didn’t feel like I missed out on the experience and I actually enjoyed being able to work on the lessons ahead of our zoom sessions and to be able to work together on zoom the way that we did.

Thank you!!!! Kelas ini bagus sekali!!!

I’d love to be able to join a more advanced course!

Thank you for adapting the course online! Growing up in Boston, I did not get to meet many other Indonesians, so I’m always happy to meet others, go to the festivals and classes, etc.

Indonesian Community of New England, Inc.