Form to Request for Interpreter Assistance

Form to Request for Volunteer/Non-Official Interpreter Assistance

    Full Name:


    Phone Number:

    Home Address:

    Purpose for the Volunteer/Non-Official Interpreter Assistance:

    The suggested window time to request for an assistance is 3-4 weeks prior to the meeting.

    Meeting Date:

    Meeting Time:

    Meeting Address:

    Additional Note:

    We will do our best to match and connect you with the most suitable volunteer/non-official interpreter. However, please note that due to the limited numbers of volunteer/non-official interpreters who are available in certain areas in the New England region and those that can match with your requested meeting date and time, we may not be able to accommodate all requests for interpreter assistance. We will contact you back with any availability within one week of your submission.

    Thank You.

    Indonesian Community of New England, Inc.