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> Registration to participate as one of the food vendors at IndoFest 2018 is now open.

To those who have registered and completed all the necessary documents and payment, please follow the event regulations below. Thank you. <

The New England Indonesian Festival (IndoFest), organized by Permias MA and ICONE, is an annual celebration of Indonesian food, arts and culture with over 10,000 people attending each year. The event features live performances, food, folk-games, arts and crafts showcasing from 12noon - 6pm. The 2018 IndoFest will be located at Copley Square, 560 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02116 on Saturday, September 29, 2018.

We have allocated 15 booths for the Indonesian food vendors with booth size of 9'x10' for each registered and approved vendors.

Rental fee/booth: $750 (for a tent, 2 table and 2 chairs), plus cleaning/security deposit of $250/booth (returnable).

Due to the non-profit nature of both Permias MA and ICONE, the money collected from this rental fee will all be used for the event expenses and to comply with City of Boston's special event regulations.

How to Apply:

1. Read and follow the 'Vendor Rules & Requirements' section below carefully.

2. Complete and submit the food vendor application online form


3. Complete the City of Boston's temporary food service application form. Information about commercial kitchen use for food preparation must be included in the form (in page 2, under off-site prep).

4. Submit license of the commercial kitchen use and letter of permission stating that you are allowed to use the kitchen for cooking.

5. Complete the Boston Fire Department's open burning cooking operation application form.

6. All applications must have a signature.

7. Any vendor that is not licensed in the City of Boston must attach a copy of their license from the town they are licensed in. ServSafe & Allergen certification needs to be submitted also.

8. Email the completed forms, license, letter of permission and certificates along with a copy of your photo-ID no later than July 30, 2018 to 

9. Send the rent payment of $750/booth plus the cleaning/security deposit fee of $250/booth using either one of the payment methods below:

    - Paypal/credit card/debit card payment through ICONE's Paypal:

    - Check payment to Yana Regan, payable to Indonesian Community of New England, Inc., 400 Washington St., suite 408, Braintree, MA 02184

    - Venmo:

Payments need to be received by us NO LATER than July 30, 2018.

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We will send a confirmation email of your participation once we receive your complete applications and payment. Applications and payments received after July 30, 2018 will be considered at the discretion of the festival committee and only if space is still available.   

There will be no refunds of the booth rent fee once payments are received and your participation is confirmed by us. Refunds will also not to be given to those who fail any Boston Fire Department or Health Inspection on site or to those in violation of the rules who are asked not to operate.


It is highly recommended for the interested food vendors to not wait to submit all these requirements until the mentioned deadline because it may result of you missing the opportunity to secure the limited spots available for the food vendors.

Late payment will result in your applications being cancelled and your booth space being offered to another interested food vendor that has not yet get the space due to the limited number of food vendors allowed to sell at the venue by the City of Boston.


Rules & Regulations

  1. Each vendor is responsible for activity within their vendor space.
  2. Vendors may sell only the items listed on the online application form.
  3. Onsite cooking is allowed this year. All fuels, cooking and serving equipment must be listed on the online application form.
  4. Food preparation can only be done in a commercial kitchen stated in your temporary food service application.
  5. Any vendor doing pre-packaged product must pick up products the day of the event, nothing should be stored at home.
  6. All food cooking and/or warming devices must be within vendor allotted booth space and away from the festival traffic.
  7. All food cooling and/or warming appliances shall be on a sturdy base, stand or table to prevent them from being tipped-over.
  8. Hot food must be kept hot (140° or hotter).
  9. Cold food must be kept cold (41° or colder).
  10. Live fires shall be attended at all times.
  11. Live fires shall be thoroughly extinguished and wetter prior to booth operator departure from the site.
  12. Any propane appliances and generators use on site must be capable of running for the entire event duration on one tank only.
  13. Refueling of generators is prohibited on site. No on site storage of extra fuel is permitted.
  14. Vendors must have a visible hand-washing station for their food handlers.
  15. Vendors are responsible for total cleanup of their site.
  16. Vendors to follow the hours of operation and set-up arrangement as explained in the section below.
  17. Stay within assigned location; do not encroach on other spaces.
  18. Do not block driveways or intrude on private property.
  19. Sidewalks and medians must be kept clear - do not store items or boxes there.
  20. Be mindful of landscaping and plantings between the curbs and sidewalks.
  21. Each vendor is responsible to provide a food allergy notice on menu provided (this notice is required by the Massachusetts's law).
  22. Food truck or trailer is not allowed to be parked/placed in the vicinity of your booth.
  23. Food sales operation of each vendor can only be done at the assigned booth.
  24. No booth may be left unattended during hours of operation.
  25. No alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, pets, loud music or television and no “hawking” will be allowed in the vicinity of your booth.
  26. No smoking will be allowed in the vicinity of your booth.
  27. All cloth, plastic or paper decorations or displays must be flame proofed.
  28. Glove, hair net / baseball hat and apron need to be worn at all time while selling your food.
  29. Vendors who are uncooperative, leave a mess, or violate the rules above will not be welcome at future events.
  30. Vendors who violate the rules may be subject to fines or booth closing by the City of Boston's event official who will present onsite.


1. The appearance of the booth is very important to the overall appearance of the festival. Please keep it clean.

2. Remove all trash from booth and take them to the dumpsters as directed by PERMIAS' coordinators onsite.

3. Break down any cardboard boxes and place them in the recycling dumpsters.

4. All cooking oil and grease must be removed from the premises by the vendor. DO NOT DUMP GREASE OR WASTE WATER TO THE GROUND, GRASS OR INTO TRASH CANS/DUMPSTERS.


Food sold at the 2017 IndoFest may be subject to advance approval by the event committee to limit duplication on food sold by different vendors and to ensure a diverse food options. You need to submit photographs and detailed descriptions of all foods intended to be displayed or sold in your booth.

Hours of Operation and Set-Up:

All vendors must be ready and open from 11.30am to 6pm on the day of the 2018 IndoFest. No booth may be left unattended during these hours.

Loading stuff for vendor will begin on Saturday morning at 9am. No early arrival allowed in. Check-in is located at PERMIAS MA's booth. PERMIAS' coordinators will be available to help vendors to locate their booth space. Vehicles parked in the street festival area between 8am-10am will be impounded. You may bring your vehicle into the street event area (across CVS) after check-in for loading only and in no circumstances may you park or leave car unattended. All set up must be completed and vehicles removed from the streets by 11.45am sharp Saturday morning for PERMIAS's coordinators inspection.

Load out begins at 6pm (or at 5pm) on Saturday evening. All booths and vehicles must be cleared from the streets by  6.45pm. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a fine and impound of your property by the City of Boston.

Booth Allocations:

Vendors' booth allocations are pre-assigned to you by the 2018 IndoFest Committee. You will receive a map with your site location marked so that you can plan accordingly. Sites are given on a first come, first serve basis and are assigned at the discretion of the 2018 IndoFest Committee.

Vendor Staffs:

A vendor need to register all their employees' names who will be working on that day. They need to wear special identification such as uniform/hat/name tag that can be associated with vendor's booth. For security and food safety purposes, no one is allowed staying behind the counter without a name tag/uniform from their respective vendors.

Waiver of Liability:

Your booth and contents are your responsibility. Neither ICONE, PERMIAS MA, nor the City of Boston assumes responsibility for injury to persons, or loss or damage to any property of the vendors, including theft. In submitting this application, applicant agrees to comply with all Festival, state and local regulations, and to save and hold harmless the City of Boston, ICONE, PERMIAS MA and their employees, team members, officers, and sponsors from any loss or damage to any person or property caused by applicant’s operation in connection with the 2018 IndoFest, and further agrees to defend said Associations and City for any claims for such damage.


Due to the strict penalties enforced by the City of Boston on the proper use, cleanliness,  and appearance of the venue, violation to ANY of the above rules, regulations and restrictions will give PERMIAS MA and ICONE the right to forfeit your cleaning/security deposit. Any bank charges for returned checks will also be deducted from your deposit.

For questions and more info, email us at or contact/text Evin at (617) 480-9517 and Dhanni at (781) 971-2034.

Thank you and see you all at the 2018 New England Indonesian Festival on September 29th, 2018 at Copley Square, Boston!


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