Indonesian Language Class Registration Form for Children (Aged 7-14)

Bahasa Indonesia Course

Application  Form for Children Age 7-14

Beginner class sessions: Saturdays / March 4, 2017 - April 8, 2017 (6 class sessions)

Time: 11am - 1pm



Student's Full Name


Birth Date (yyyy-mm-dd)

Place of Birth (city, country)

Current School Grade & Name

Medical/allergy Information

Other useful note about the student, e.g. learning style, interests, etc. (optional)

Will this student's placement in our class be part of the Family Package?

If you choose 'Yes' on the above question, please insert names of your other family members that will participate in our classes. Max. 2 other family members to be included in the Family Package.

(Please separately register the other family members mentioned above once you are done with this student's registration)

This information is needed in case of emergencies and for easy update on student's progress to parents. You can either insert both names and information of the parents or just one parent, as long as he/she is the current legal guardian of the student.

Mother's Full Names

Father's Full Names

Parents Occupation (optional)

Mother's Email Address

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How did you hear about this course? I.e.: from friends, FB, ICONE's website, twitter, other links, etc.


Individual tuition fee: $180/student for 6 class sessions (1 1/2 months)

Also available, Family Package tuition fee:
1.$325/2 family members for 6 meeting sessions (1 1/2 months).
2.$475/3 family members for 6 meeting sessions (1 1/2 months).

Payment method:

If you choose payment by check, please mail check to:
Yana Regan / Indonesian Community of New England, Inc.
400 Washington St., Suite 408
Braintree, MA 02189

Payments for Family Package can be done by checks to the address stated above.
Checks must be received by us within 1 week of application submission.

For comments or questions, please email us at:

Please click the 'Submit' button below to confirm your registration. Once you click the button below, please wait for few seconds until the page for payment appears.

Thank you.

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